A Letter From The Director

When God Comes

The Lord has given us an introductory message that we present at the beginning of each camp. How grateful I am for this God given insight as it has proven itsef true at every camp we've ever held. The message goes something like this:


“Impossible!” was the response of Jesus’ disciples when He told them to feed the large crowd that had followed them to a remote village. And in truth, what He was asking of them was impossible... in the natural. But when a young boy gave his meager lunch of 5 small barley loaves and 2 small fish, Jesus multiplied his gift to feed 5,000 men along with their women and children.

The Giant Leap Of Faith

The Giant Leap Of Faith
After sixteen years of serving under the umbrella of Teen Challenge of Arizona (1988-1999) and the Phoenix Inner City Church (1999-2004), PICK has been birthed into the community as an autonomous organization. In November 2004, the Phoenix Inner City Church membership voted to gift us with the various assets of PICK. This show of support equipped us to launch out in full pursuit of the dream of establishing a community center (and eventually, a school) for inner city children and families.

Cords Of Human Kindness

It is always uppermost in our minds to express gratitude to those of you who faithfully support the work we do in the inner city. It is our great desire to let you know that your financial contributions and prayer support have made a difference in the lives of hurting kids and families. We are assured by your years of support that you believe in this work but we also feel compelled by accountability to present you with evidence of positive results so that you can know with certainty that you have wisely invested your resources in a worthwhile cause.


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