The mentoring program is committed to teaching youth of all ages how to develop Godly relationships with everyone. The commitment at PICK is to create opportunities for students to work with some positive spiritual influences in an appropriate environment. The mentoring program is year round. So come out and over to PICK to see if you can get a mentor or even if you'd like to volunteer to be a mentor. To find out more contact us.

Circle K Ranch

If you've ever wondered about having the opportunity to going to a camp that will change your life. The kids at Circle K Ranch camp in Durango, CO., will tell you that you're in for a ride.

This program starts at the beginning of the year and the youth that participate earn their way to this camp. They are faithful and committed to challenging themselves to improve their community and their personal walk with Jesus, too.
To find out more about this program contact PICK and we'd love to see you come out and join us this year.

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